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Tiger Woods' Dad: 'Marriage Is Unnecessary'

Such a statement seems to carry more significance now, in light of the string of alleged mistresses that may be jeopardizing Woods' marriage. Multiple reports appeared in the middle of the month speculating that Woods' wife Elin Nordegren would leave him after Christmas, with one source saying that a "divorce is 100 percent on." Others said she would not seek a divorce immediately, but that she was hung up on two issues. Both articles followed public photographs of Nordegren with her wedding ring conspicuously absent.

Woods' father has popped up in the scandal several times before. Tiger's high school sweetheart said her old boyfriend "would be so upset" by the affair his father allegedly had with at least one woman. And one of Woods' alleged mistresses, Jamie Jungers claims she and Tiger had sex the night his father died. She also claimed the two had "wild" and "crazy" sex. Another alleged mistress, porn star Holly Sampson , who may have worked as an escort , described her time with Woods as "amazing," "sensual" and "beautiful," and even discussed the experience in a May video.

Woods' mother, meanwhile, is said to be "hurt, angry and disappointed."


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